Muscle Cars are an acquired taste; if you don't like them you need to acquire some taste! I mean, supercars are amazing, but for that price I can get five classic muscle cars, a lift, and a garage full of tools, bro. And in ten years my collection will be worth twice what your Ferrari is! And don't even pull out your drift car or rice burner wheeze bag. V8 is the god of thunder, not the queen of corn squeezins. 
So polish up your Cragars and meet me on the boulevard. Tonight we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines!
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______Ceramic Christmas Ornament_____
Printed on high quality, ceramic material, these ornaments are simply elegant. 
Printed with permanent sublimation inks, creating an everlasting image that will NOT peel off or fade.
These custom ornaments arrive in a gift bag secured with a string and a gold ribbon string for hanging. This makes for effortless gift giving! 
Celebrate life's most memorable moments with this unique keepsake. Mix and match with a variety of designs - there’s one for everyone!
Your personalized design is permanently printed on a flat star or oval ceramic ornament which approximately measures 2.75”
- Materials: White Ceramic Ornament with gold loop 
- Size: Approximately 2.5” to 3"
- Printed on one side with permanent sublimation ink
- Includes cloth storage bag
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Christmas Tree Ornament 1968 Pontiac Firebird Ram Air 400 Muscle Car - green red star gift for Car Guy